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Weightron has set up a small artisan industry manufacturing all types of self-adhesive labels as well as sales and repairs to all types of electronic scales and equipment. We are proud manufacturers of quality bond and thermal adding rolls.

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Short runs? Long runs? We do it all!

With the growing demand for smaller prints, we now offer short run label prints ranging from  quantities of 100 up to 10 000, servicing start-up’s, SMME’s, and the home industry.

What Labels Do You Need For Your Brand

Don’t sweat the finer details. Weightron has a solution for every need in the business with a versatile set of adhesives and coatings.

  • Semi Gloss
  • Poly Prop
  • Acrylic
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Custom Label Prints

Your label is your brands' identity! In a world where we "judge a book by its cover"make sure you label immediately shows off your unique brand.


Printing Services Frequently Asked Questions

YES, WE DO! We have seen the drastic surge in start-up’s and home businesses who require short runs for their brands and have a dedicated division to service them.

No, our short run labels run from 100 to 10 000 labels and are digitally printed. Digital prints do not require plates.

We offer specific label types for all needs which include coated labels that are waterproof along with specific adhesives that are freezer proof.

We have a team of creative and experienced graphic designers that will design the best labels to showcase your brand.

We require high quality PDF files to print the highest quality labels.

We offer delivery on all our products country wide, and cross border as well.

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